11 Strategies To Save or Even Make Some Money In 2011

By Susan Tompor Once many years ago, you could look forward to a new year in which you'd get a raise, your stocks would go up and the value of your house would climb -- all guaranteeing that you'd make more money. In the economy of 2011, it might be wiser to focus on what you're spending. Fortunately, we are lookin

66 Ways To Save Money

By Federal Citizens Information Center For most kinds of purchases, you can get valuable advice and comparisons on the Internet. Ask a librarian or friends which Internet sites they think are helpful, or you can use a search engine like Google or Yahoo. Be aware that information you find is often biased. At many websites, the only produc

8 Personal Finance Tips For Young Adults

By Black Enterprise Have you ever taken $40 out of the ATM and a few hours later asked yourself where that money went? Or, do you use your debit card to make purchases but don’t keep track of them…and then wonder how your balance got so low? While everyone can benefit from learning about money management and taking a more hands-

A Little Saving Can Lead To A Big Nest Egg

By Eileen Alt Powell The nation's savings rate has fallen to the lowest level since the Great Depression, a negative 1 percent last year. That means many Americans are spending more than they take home in wages from their jobs. For many, the problem may be not knowing how to get started saving — and not understanding that putt

A New Path To Upward Mobility – Get Married and Stay Married

By Sheila Weber on February 7, 2012 on FoxNews.com Marriage, we have just learned, is a major cause of the growing great divide among American upper and lower classes. Last week, in advance of National Marriage Week USA (Feb. 7-14), I took note of fresh news about marriage that should make every American stand up in alert attention.

After Wedding Bells Ring, Financial Management Calls

By Jean Chatzky We're in that time of year again . . . wedding season! According to the Association of Bridal Consultants, nearly 22 percent of couples tie the knot in July and August. But after the rice is thrown and the cake is gone, couples must deal with one of the biggest causes of martial discord: managing their finances. He

Bankruptcy – The Last Resort

By Life Event Management Services Bankruptcy. Just saying the word can bring a lump to your throat and put a knot in your stomach. What is bankruptcy, and how do you know if it's for you?   Are your debts overwhelming? Are you worried about how you're going to pay all your bills this month? Are you considering filing personal

Can Forming Business Alliances and Strategic Partnerships Save Your Business?

By Cathy Harris Are you a solo business owner and your business has grown to include one or more employees and you’re looking for ways to expand your reach without generating a lot of debt? Well the answer to your dilemma could very well be it’s time to form “business alliances”’ or “strategic partnerships” with other busin