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Continuing to Tell the Story of Black Fatherhood

A documentary film by Derek Phillips

Real Dads II – Truth Be Told is the follow up to the 2001 documentary,
Real Dads -Black Men on Fatherhood.  The new film catches up with the dads from the first documentary.

Real Dads II is a unique effort, the first film of its kind to show longitudinal data on the effects and results of sustained father involvement in their children’s lives and education.

It will also present experts who will substantiate the important role that fathers play in healthy child development.  Additionally, institutional obstacles that separate fathers from their children will be examined and a solution offered.

This film tells important stories that need to be told.  It is informative, entertaining, inspiring, and emotionally engaging.  It also sets a new social agenda for this country.

This film keeps it real, but works hard to dispel some of the many myths surrounding black fathers.

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